My name is Jeremy Gayed, I am software engineer with a love for beautiful asthetics and an interesting nickname growing up that just stuck.

I enjoy designing and coding great looking websites, logos, corporate identities, user interfaces, print media and pretty much anything graphically related.

Take a gander at my work below and feel free to inquire about my services for your company or organization. I'd love to hear from you!

Add a little magik to your designs!



  • Mazteck


    Online presence for a computer consulting company.

    Their website needed a refresh and had to look sleek, modern and technically advanced to best communicate the technological expertise of the company. This website relies heavily on jQuery UI elements and modern design trends/standards to create a unique, interactive and fluid user experience that seeks to instill confidence in the end customer. The logo found here and business cards were also designed for the client.

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  • Christ for Everyone

    Christ for Everyone

    Online presence for a church missionary group.

    An online face to the evangelical/missionary Church group set up to welcome people to the Church either for the first time or after an extended absence. The overall mood is meant to be warm, friendly and welcoming. There is also a small custom written AJAX / PHP module to collect e-mail addresses for those wishing to be placed on the mailing list that plugged into a backend MySQL server.

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  • Perrone Ponds

    Perrone Ponds

    Online presence for a landscaping company.

    The client had very little understanding of how websites worked and didn't know much about how he wanted his to look, but he did have some ideas that he wanted me to take and run with. The result is an elegant looking website that showcased his business' beautiful work eloquently.

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  • eInteractiveHomes


    Online presence for a digital home company.

    The client wanted an introductory flash piece as well as a clean, sleek and professional looking design that best expressed the cutting-edge nature of the company. The flash piece created was visually appealing, fast paced and communicated the company's image effectively.

  • Virgin Mary & St. Pachomius Church

    Virgin Mary & St. Pachomius Church

    Wordpress based website customized and configured for a local Orthodox Church.

    This website is the starting point for a fairly large Coptic Orthodox Church, built on Wordpress blogging platform. Custom PHP add-on modules will be developed and/or customized as needed to provide a unique feature set as the Church congregation and clergy require.

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